Custom Pet Portrait Ornaments

Ornaments options include:
~ Plastic clear balls
(they look as classy as glass but are pet and kid-proof!
Lightweight and durable, these are my most popular option)
~Wood cookies 
(For a more trendy and natural vibe
I only use local and sustainably sourced wood
so these are not always in stock, check with me first!)
~ Clam shells
(for those looking for a beachy vibe!
All shells were already empty and naturally sun bleached when found
so no animals were harmed in the collection process.
Sourced sustainably from this jersey girl’s home state’s beaches)
All custom ornaments are $40 Each, and can include your pet’s name (Optional)


Cat ornament
Ball ornament
Dog ornaments
dog ornament
Ball ornament
Wood cookie ornaments
Ball ornament
Wood cookie ornament
ornaments 1
Wood cookie ornament
Ball ornament
lady shell
crested gecko ornament
Ball ornament
Ball ornament
Ball ornament