About The Artist

Hi, I'm Samm! As an animal lover and an artist, I combine my two biggest passions to create a vibrant and whimsical style of art. Creating a fun spin-off of the actual likeness of a furry (or scaly, or feathery) friend with a paintbrush, I have developed my own style of painting, and enjoy working on a variety of surfaces included repurposed materials.


In addition to creating artwork, I am passionate about fundraising for local animal organizations in our community. A portion of all my art proceeds are donated towards my fundraising efforts, which are charity painting parties I call "Painting with a Pit". Some causes I am most passionate about include animal rescue, wildlife conservation, veganism, and advocating for pit bulls and bully breeds that get a bad rap. You'll often find these themes throughout my art! In addition to being an artist full-time, I assist with monarch butterfly research seasonally throughout the year, teach painting classes, and volunteer with my local animal shelter and rescues.


I currently have my art displayed in a variety of shops, restaurants and galleries around Florida. I exhibit and sell my work at several art shows, festivals and markets in addition to selling online on Etsy. My specialty though, is commissioned artwork and custom pet portraits.

Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and YouTube to see more of my art, and subscribe to my emails to stay up to date on my current works in progress, upcoming events, specials and giveaways, and learn my entire background story of becoming the artist I am today! You'll also get a free gift as a new subscriber! <3

Copyright 2012 Samm Wehman's Custom Pet Portraits and Animal Artwork. 

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