Fan Blades - Repurposed Art!

fan blades 1.jpg
I LOVE repurposing “trash” to keep usable materials out of landfills.
Therefore I collect old unwanted fan blades and give them a new life by painting on them! I’ve painted on dozens of different surfaces, but my favorite thing to paint on is wooden fan blades.

My fan blade paintings make an excellent and unique decorative piece of repurposed wall art (they don’t look like a fan blade once they’re made into art.. they just make a unique shaped canvas!). Blades are self-hanging and can hang on your wall from a hook or nail. Blades vary in size but average to be about 20" long. I usually have several painted fan blade pieces available for sale or can customize one just for you of your favorite animal(s) or pet(s)! Below are just a few of my favorites out of the  hundreds of awesome fan blades I have repurposed over the years! 

Custom fan blade Art is $110 & up.