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Hand-Painted Denim


Send me your denim and I’ll give it an artistic upgrade!
All of my denim artwork is hand-painted with textile acrylics and heat-set for a permanent custom look that never goes out of style. I can paint your pets, plants, flowers, wildlife, quotes, patterns, abstract brushstrokes, paint splatter, and more on denim jackets, jeans, shorts, overalls, and purses.
All hand-painted apparel is one-of-a-kind
and made just for you!
Priced to be affordable, these gorgeous creations are currently $150-$200 for a full back jacket design. If you have a set budget, I can make the artwork size fit what you’re looking to spend.
 (Client must provide apparel to paint and pay shipping expenses)
Kudo & Meeko
Biggie & Joey
Spread your wings
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